A Portal To Another Dimension

Megaverse is a uniquely immersive collection of VR experiences created by our in-house team to take VR to the next level. Each experience in the Megaverse is designed to trigger haptics within the physical room of your playing area which means that interactions with specific objects inside the experience will cause the room to react in different and exciting ways. Explore the wide variety of experiences that are currently available, no experience is the same!

Megaverse room

VR Experience Unlike Any Other

Megaverse theatre platform uses a unique combination of haptic feedback and special effects, designed to better immerse you in our “4D” and mixed reality experiences. This includes everything from real wind to various environmental effects and haptic feedback depending on the experience.


Real Feel VR

You feel the rumble of the floor beneath your feet, the gust of air hitting you in the face, the shockwave of explosions around you. Get ready use all your senses!


Play With Friends

Enjoy Megaverse together with other players. You can see, talk and interact with each other in VR. Whether you want to compete or cooperate is your choice...


Freedom Of Movement

You have complete freedom to move around inside our massive VR Theater. No wires or heavy backpacks. No worries about bumping into furniture or pets.

Whether you have a question, want to share an idea, or interested in partnering with us, we’d love to hear from you.

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